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Acoustic Guitar Lessons by Eric Kinkel in Packs of 2,4,6,8, and 10
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Offer Good until January 5th 2018
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Eric Kinkel: Secular Wedding & Special Ceremonies Officiant in Northwest suburbs Illinois
Secular Wedding & Special Ceremonies Officiant in Northwest suburbs Illinois. Serving the Metro Northern Illinois areas for Secular, Non Religious: Weddings, Internment, Memorials, Special events/Ceremonies Vow renewals, Personal events and engagements. * NOTE: No mentions of God
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Eric Kinkel, Photo by Jim Horst,Catherine Lucchesi, Qatariina Lucca
Eric Kinkel

  •   Photo by: Jim Horst

(Aka; Kink, The Kink, EK, Uncle Eric, Yo!)

Catherine Lucchesiz

II am beginning a new business. Currently for hire: Kinkel's Kreative Design. For a reasonable cost, I can create an original print ad social media or website design graphics for you or you band, personal, or business etc.. business etc... Contact me for more infore Click here to view samples of my work


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Eric Kinkel's "A Long Time Away"- reissue of "A Long Time Coming" copyright 1988
Eric Kinkel's
'A Long Time Away' CD
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Cover art by; Luke Allsbrook


Eric Kinkel, Eric Kinkel's song 'Antique Spirits featuring Micahel Peter Smith's classic 'The Dutchman'
Eric Kinkel's 1999 re-issue of:
'Antique Spirits' 2 song CD
Click here to purchase CD
Featuring: Michael Smith's 'The Dutchman'

Eric Kinkel, Catherine Lucchesi, Qatariina Luccai, EK Fact Truth Corner

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FORD Rapture Gray Camo


FORD Rapture Charcoal Black _ Fatties black rims


Catherine Lucchesi, Qatariina Lucca

Kyle Dfacik, Target store  Palatine Illinois, Eric Kinkel, Jeremy RenteriaGuitar package dontated to Jeremy by Target , Photo by: Larry Schaefer
Photo by: Larry Schaefer Photography

E.K. & Jeremy Renteria story by Anna Marie Kukec in the business section of the suburban edition of The Daily Herald.  Click here to read

Eric Kinkel, Jeremy Renteria, Ted Nugent Autographed guitar gift from Eric to Jeremy
Photo by: Dakota Owens
Click here to read feature in the Daily Herald. See Fast Tracks

R.I.P. Kurt Christensen 1962-2016
Drummer, actor, comedian. fishing  buddy, all around friend
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Eric Kinkel website Vault- archives page
Click here to see archives of older posts
 graphics, memories etc..

Gina Planell, Catherine Lucchesi Qatarinna Lucca, EK, Traci Abel, Jean Usellmann Dellaeka, (AKA The Kinkettes)

L-R Gina Planell, Catherine Lucchesi
( Qatarinna Lucca)
Traci Abel, Jean Usellmann Dellaeka
(AKA The Kinkettes - TA & JD)

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Ted Nugent, Ted Nugents parents, Ted Nugents mother, Ted Nugents mom, Ma Nugent, Marion Dorothy Nugent, Marion 'Ma' Nugent, Ted Nugent, Eric Kinkel, Paul Natkin Photographer of image monument, Photo by Larry Schaefer

Click here to view/read about the dedication day for the Ma Nugent Monument produced and erected by Eric Kinkel. Video of speeches by Ted Nugent, Eric Kinkel, Palatine  Mayor at the time; Rita Mullins at the ceremony on August 1st, 2007

Marion Dorothy 'Ma' Nugent, Ma Nuge, Ma Nugent, Ted Nugent mother, Ted Nugents Mom
Graphic created by: E.Kinkel

Click here to read about Chicago area legend and Palatine Illinois native Marion "Ma" Nugent. View many pages devoted to her life long love for rock -n- roll, her legacy of love, a writer and mother to her family and friends. View photo's, audio clips as well as video of the only  musically inspired rock-n-roll mother ever.


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FOE Mark Mickey, Mark Colletti, Catherine Lucchesi, Qatariina Lucca


Privacy Policy Eric


Beaming with Expeience - Eric Kinkel, Mark Mickey, Mark Colletti, Catherine Lucchesi, Qatariina Lucca
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Eric Kinkel NRA - Life Time Member
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USCCA - Eric Kinkel


ffrf - ek
Member in good standing since 1998

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Shannon's pet sitting service

Click here for Kink approved pet sitting

Buddy KInkel, Eric Kinkel, Catherine Lucchesi

12 years of insane happiness of which I miss so very dearly.

Buddy Kinkel - 11/7/2014 - 9/15/2014 Eric Kinkels  old boy pup and forever pal!


September 15th, 2014 my dear Buddy took his final pass. I still can't find it in forgive myself. May the humanity around me, one day find its way to be as kind, and loving as he was.


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American Indian Center - Chicago, IL

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Current 'Urban Smoke Signals'

Trickster Gallery - Schaumburg IL.
The Trickster Gallery
in Schaumburg IL.
Click here to check out their vast array
of cultural arts and events

Smudge Feather, Sage Cleansing
Abalone Shell,
Sage & Smudge Feather Cleansing


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Tributes to Eric Kinkel's late Mother Arlene Kinkel and late sister Linda Kinkel
Click here to view

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'The Love By Which I Judge'  about  Arlene Kinkel, Eric Kinkel's late mother
Click here to read

Black hole_9
My sister Linda Kinke -l  Eric Kinkel's late sister
Click here to view

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Martins Mechanical Join my email list - Eric Mark, Catherine Luchessi, Qatariina Lucca
American Indian Center Of Chicago
Victoria Blackie Rahl Jewelers, Brad Gamss, Ryan Gamss, Nany Kinkel Gamss, Catherine Lucchesi, Qatariina Lucca
Dub Vox Studios, Rolling Meadows IL. Larry Schaefer Photography
Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation Inc. Class Landscaping, Palatine, Illinois, Paul Munagian, Brenda Munagian,
Musicians Friend America In World War Two Magazine



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