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American Indian Center
Chicago, Illinois

American Indian Center
Chicago, Illinois





















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If you are an AIC Member (i.e. individual, organization or corporate) and would like us to announce your events, please submit a descriptive blurb (50 words or less) with location/date/time/contact person by Friday, May 12th to Dave Spencer at: 

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May 2017 

American Indian Center Smoke Signals Newsletter


AIC Art Department


Thursday, May 11th @ 6:30pm

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Click here to view songs shared at the 
prior 7 Audio Overdose sessions


Friday, May 19th @ 7pm
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Robust Indigenes is an evening of stories that articulate the vitality of the American Indian Center toward providing space and programs that resulted in a continuum of cultural practice and contributed to the development of identity for four generations of Native Americans in Chicago.
We will have 3 featured storytellers plus an open mic format for anyone willing to share an AIC story.  Stories are digitally recorded and will aid in the in the development of the first retrospective exhibit for the American Indian Center, slated for Fall 2018.

Click here to listen to audio clips from the first Robust Indigenes event held on 12/1/16 @ 1630 West Wilson.




Friday, May 26th @ 7pm

All artists welcome to perform.

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Community Events 

On the Table...
Join the American Indian Center staff in a discussion of community programs, new ideas and planning. This will be a Brown Bag Lunch gathering. Beverages provided.
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All community members are invited to join us for a 
Gathering Of Native Americans (GONA), taking place over 
3 days, May 18, 19, and 20. 



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We will have a potluck dinner on Thursday and Friday from 
5-6pm and the GONA will take place from 6-8pm. 
On Saturday, we will have a light breakfast and sandwich bar provided for lunch, 9:30am-2pm. 

Participation on all 3 days is encouraged. 

Where? St. Kateri Center of Chicago 3938 N. Leavitt
Click here to Register 

Please contact Hope for more information: 




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American Indian Center
Chicago, Illinois
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