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Eric Kinkel's USA Flag guitar - Donated to Liv's Hunt For A Cure and signed by Ted Nugent Ted Nugent autographs USA Flag guitar from Eric Kinkel's collection, donated to Liv's Hunt For A Cure Chairty
In 2013, I donated many items from my web store and personal collection to 'Livs Hunt For A Cure' charity hunt, and cystic fibrosis fund. The above guitar donated from Kink's collection was graciously signed by Nuge for this worthy charity!.


Eric Kinkel, Ted Nugent
Gail Marshall, Eric Kinkel
Eric Kinkel & Ted Nugents dog RIP Gonzo


Deer friends- Mitch Patterson, Ted Nugent, Eric Kinkel, Ross Martin.  Michelle Piatek Tidaback Hoffman Estates IL
Elizabeth Cross, Eric Kinkel
Eric Kinkel, Ted Nugent
Eric Kinkel & Ted Nugents dog RIP Gonzo

Kink visits Nuge 2010


Eric Kinkel, Ted Nugent, Susan Gustafson Vernon Hills IL
EK, Nuge, SQ
Ted Nugent
Nuge, pre-show Byrdland rehearse

Gil Pini, Dirty Dan Buck, Eric Kinkel
Gil Pini, Dirt, E.K.
Ted Nugent

EK visits with Ted Nugent & Dirty Dan Buck
 in Naperville 2008

Ted Nugent, Eric Kinkel
 Ted & Eric  dedicate Ma Nugent monument in 2007

Ted Nugent, Eric Kinkel

Dirty Dan Buck, Eric Kinkel

The Kink visit's backstage
 with Dirty Dan Buck  &  Ted Nugent 2006

 Click here to

Velvet Skye, Eric Kinkel, Catherine Lucchesi
Dinner in Chicago with
Canadian TV show host Velvet Skye


Catherine Lucchesi, Catherine Bachner Lucchesi

Eric Kinkel and horse - Apache, Catherine Lucchesi, Catherine bachner Lucchesi Glen Ellyn IL, Michelle Piatek Tidaback Hoffman Estates IL
EK and Apache

 Jimy Sohns, Bill Miller, Eric Kinkel, Catherine Lucchesi, Qatariina Lucca

Photo by: John Sennatt

L-R Jimy Sohns (Shadows Of Knight) Bill Miller, EK

After performance pic with myself, Bill Miller and Jimy Sohns at The Trickster Gallery, Schaumburg, IL Dec.9th, 2012


Photo by: Larry Schaefer

L- R Bill Miller and Kink performing Feliz Navidad.
EK performing ELPs
'I Believe In Father Christmas'

Eric Kinkel, Catherine Lucchesi, Qatariina Lucca, Michelle Tidaback Hoffman Estates IL,  Cathy Lucchesi

Photo by: Larry Schaefer

 Catherine Bachner Lucchesi, Catherine Bachner Luchessi, Catherine Lucchesi, Cathy Betka, Catherine Lucchesi, Cathy Lucchesi, Qatariina Lucca, Kasia Betka

Catherine Bachner Lucchesi, Cathie Lucchesi, Catherine Lucchesi Glen Ellyn IL, Robyn Bigford Ozelis

Dirty Dan Buck, Elizabeth Cross, EK, Cathie Lucchesi, Catherine Bachner Lucchesi Glen Ellyn IL, Qatariina Lucca, Cathy Lucchesi,  Robyn Bigford Olzelis
L-R Dirty Dan Buck, Elizabeth Cross, EK,
Catherine Lucchesi


Kurt Christensen 1962-2016
Drummer, actor, comedian. fishing  buddy,
 all around friend

 Click above graphic to see Kurt playing drums on  'Spread Your Wings' with me along with Dirty Dan Buck & Gil Pini of The Boyzz and bassist Al Ehrich

Sue Gustafson Vernon Hills IL


Eric Kinkel, WRLR 98.3 FM, Alenl Weissman, Chris Minardi, L.J. Slavin
L-R Al Weissman, E.K. Chris Minardi, L.J. Slavin

Eric Kinkel, Chris Minardi, LJ Slavin, Al Weissman, Photo by: Larry Schaefer, Catherine Lucchesi, Sue Gustafson
 E.K.appearance on 'In A Nut Shell' radio show with
Al Weismann on
WRLR 98.3 FM in April of 2015. Listen to an extended performance/interview with yours truly. Joining me is: Chicago's own 'Hot Rocks' guitarist Chris Minardi and multi-instrumentalist L.J. Slavin.
Photos by: Larry Schaefer Photography

Mom Bambino Eric Kinkel
A celebration of the ultimate love,
my dear late mother, after I was born

Catherine Lucchesi, Qatariina Lucca, Sue Gustafson


Tim Herman, Eric Kinkel, Cheryl Ann Heliotis
Paying it forward again!
Another guitar donated to a student

Thanks to long time FB friend Cheryl Ann H. who donated a never before used Epiphone PR5-E for me to give to Tim Herman, a homebound student of mine. This is the smile as seen when he lifted the newly opened the Alpine White Acoustic/Electric beauty.   Seriously, I love this stuff.
Proud of you Tim!

Buddy Moments Slide Show 2008-2009, Eric Kinkel's dog Buddy Kinkel
 08-09 slide show click here to view

Buddy Moments 2001-2007 Slide show with song:
Click on photo below to view

Buddy Moments slide show_08
Click here to view 2008 slide Show


Buddy Kinkel, Catherine Lucchesi

My pup, and handsome poser his last, and only Christmas tree we shared.
Buddy Kinkel - December 2013



Buddy Kinkel, Eric Kinkel
Buddy and Dad _AIC/Trickster Pow Wow 2012



Gerhard Hank Lingner March 24 1934 - September 2013
Gerhard 'Hank' Lingner
March 24 1934 - September 18 2013
Click here for obituary, sign guest book

Eric Kinkel and Bill Miller
Dinner jam - E.K.
with Bill Miller.
Photo by: Kathy Coffman


Bill Miller - Promo video

Click here for Bill Miller's website

Biller Miller and Eric Kinkel
EK with Grammy award winning
musician and Native American artist
Bill Miller at the Trickster Gallery

Victoria Blackie and Eric Kinkel
 Nashville recording star Victoria Blackie and I,
at The Trickster Gallery

Tom Dundee
                               Photo by: Jim Horst
Tom Dundee remembered
Click here..

George Carlin
George Carlin remembered
Click here..

Kaleidoscope of Life, By: Linda Kinkel

Click here..

Eric Kinkel
EK sings the National Anthem on T. V.

Click here to view video



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