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2010 Concert

Eric Kinkel and Acoustic Thunder- Video

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Eric Kinkel Solo In Concert

September 17th, 2011
Eric Kinkel - Solo- In Concert
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In the spring of 1993, shortly after our family learned my sister Linda had MS, I was deeply disturbed by the process's, treatments, hospitalizations and in home health care which my sister was to endure. Though she was married at the time, I knew this catastrophic illness would reach far into their pockets and possibly drain them of all they had. There is no cure for MS and treatments are numerous and costly. At the same time Linda was enduring these dreadful difficulties I was busy putting a personal relationship which had been unraveling, behind me. I was now looking for something to get my mind off my troubles. At the time my music had been dormant and not serving any purpose but my own satisfactions. I decided to put my musical, philanthropic talents to work for my sister. The idea to put on a benefit concert was born. Using my own hard earned dollars, I began by searching for a concert hall, then calling on friends in the local music business I had already known to donate their talents such as; Michael Smith and rock 'n' roll heavy hitter Dirty Dan Buck and The Boyzz guitarist Gil Pini. Once I had my venue chosen I started calling on all my band mates and other musician friends to donate their talents such as; Al Ehrich, Angela Licari, Rich Koc, Kurt Christensen, and Paul Weaver. A date was set for August 22nd, 1997. In the eight year's to come I gave three such benefit concerts, 1997, 2001 and 2004, raising nearly  $46,000.00 to help pitch in my fair share to Linda's in home health care costs. It is important to note her costs were so enormous that my contributions remained but a small portion of what was truly needed. My Mother, my Father my sister Nancy and her husband Brad Gamss along with help from our cousins family; the Schawk's, altogether contributed, making certain Linda had the best of care we could provide her.  It is important to note that All of the performing musicians mentioned above, donated their time and enormous talents to the cause of helping my sister out. Altogether, their contributions of time and talent greatly surpassed even my own expectations. Collectively, and along with help from some family, we all managed put on some great shows. Appearing at the subsequent, latter 2 shows were: Anne Hills and the late Tom Dundee.  If you click on the graphics below of the concert programs, you can read more and view pictures from all the shows.

As Linda's disease progressed, and after much personal peril, her husband divorced her. A weak position at best. He had the help of a loving brother in law and an entire family to help out emotionally and financially. Mr. Walton never called, or showed up, to Linda's memorial service, nor did he call or attend our mother's funeral when she passed away shortly after Linda death... again a weak position at best.

Linda passed away on October 16th, 2006. It was an enormous undertaking to help Linda survive all those years. As much as her disease affected her mind, I know in my heart she appreciated it. She still lives within me!

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