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Eric Kinkel

Born:  Chicago, Illinois. 

Nicknames:  E.K., 'The Kink', 'Kink' 

Favorite greeting:  `Yo!' 

Favorite Song: "The next one I am about to write" 

Favorite Dog:  Buddy 

Hobbies:  Hunting, fishi
ng, songwriting, quantum physics, books, reading, writing, graphic arts, researching, getting my hands dirty!

Affiliations: Life Member Liberal Gun Club, Evolve, FFRF, American Indian Center, Chicago IL, Trickster Gallery - Schaumburg IL.

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Having been musically inclined since the early age of 12, Eric has taught himself to play the piano, guitar, and bass guitar. Over the years, Eric's musical yearnings have taken him through a myriad of achievements, including playing bass guitar for the band Scepter, and recording musical jingles for radio commercials, as well as a syndicated movie review theme. Eric began developing his own composing talents, but didn't feel his personal style was always appropriate to the rock 'n' roll setting into which he had fallen.

Joining the up-and coming rock band Lost Nation as lead singer, Eric felt right at home singing and writing with some of his favorite musicians. When Lost Nation parted ways, Eric decided that the time was right to record his first album, and in 1987 the ten-song "A Long Time Coming" cassette was released, featuring eight Kinkel originals. After the album's release, Eric concentrated on performing live, appearing at local night clubs, coffee houses, and private parties, even giving a few speeches along the way. In 1999, a digitally re mastered CD-single featuring remixed versions of "Antique Spirits" and "The Dutchman" was released, See CDs page

Continuing to follow his musical muse, Eric has broadened his approach to include different styles of writing and playing, which include collaborations with bassist/cellist Al Ehrich, as well as close friends Kurt Christensen (drums), Rich Koc (pedal steel) Ken Pfeil (guitar) Angela Martin (violin) and more recently L.J. Slavin (mandolin, harmonica, tin whistle) Jim Teolis (Bass) and Matt Teolis (gutiar, accordion). Eric has added a depth of rhythm, melody, and composition to create an ever-expanding musical tableau.

In 1997 Eric gave the first of three benefit concerts for his sister Linda, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. With special guests Michael Smith (folk) and The Boyzz (Rock), Eric succeeded in bringing together some of Chicago's finest musicians from different genre's to create an un usual and vibrant variety of music in one show, which also included Eric's regular lineup.

In the fall of 2001 he gave his second benefit concert for Linda, along with special guests Anne Hills (Folk) and The Boyzz (Rock, & acoustic). Again  Eric managed to bring together a consistent array of talent that entertained his audience. This turn of events has steered Eric in a direction that utilizes his musical talents to raise money for his sister and draw attention to her deadly disease.

On July 16th, 2004 another show was produced, appropriately titled "Brotherly Love Benefit Concert" . This time headlined by well known country/folk artist, Tom Dundee, along with additions to Eric's line up  including, bassist Jim Teolis, and guitarist Matt Teolis,  Eric continued to streamline  the show by featuring a 45  minute song set with Eric Kinkel & Friends, and a 50 minute set featuring Tom Dundee. Proudly, Eric has managed to raise nearly $ 46,000.00 for his sister Linda, through out the last eight years and three concerts, an achievement Eric continues to remain dedicated to, in the coming years.

On June 11th, 2006 Eric produced a benefit concert appropriately titled "Ma Nugent Remembered",  at Durty Nellie's in Palatine Illinois. A concert aimed at raising funds to erect a rock monument out side Durty Nellie's to Ma Nugent the late mother of rock-n-roll legend and MotorCity MadMan Ted Nugent. Dirty Dan Buck & The Boyzz along with Deluxury,  head lined the tribute spear headed by Eric that evening.  The concert successfully highlighted the memory of the beloved mother of rock-n-roll with spectacular performances by both bands and a touching slide show produced by Eric. Surprise celebrity guest Jimy Sohns of the Shadows of Knight joined The Boyzz on stage for a loud and proud rendition of The Shadows number one hit "Gloria". Palatine landscaper Paul Munagian came forward to donate a boulder for the monument Eric planned to build in memory of Ma later that year. Afterwards Durty Nellie's owners Mark and Jim Dolezal agreed to host the monument

On August 1st, 2007, Eric successfully completed the Ma Nugent monument. A production of monumental proportions the 4 ton rock was finally dedicated to Ma Nugent. Eric invited Ted and the mayor of Palatine to the ceremony that day.

On August 27th 2010, Eric Kinkel and his new band 'Acoustic Thunder' successfully put on an uplifting, positive show appropriately titled: "Inspirations Concert" held at the Schaumburg Prairie Center for The Arts, Schaumburg IL. with special guest and three time Grammy Award winning musician and artist Bill Miller along with a guest performances by Chicago  R&R icon Dirty Dan Buck. The show featured musical audio visual tributes to Eric's late mother and sister and a portion of the proceeds were donated to the National MDS Foundation.

September 17th, 2011  This time around Kinkel produced a solo show with a unique theme: Eric Kinkel - Solo- In Concert 'Love Songs, 'Blues Tunes and Memorable Melodies' The three set concert included Kinkel performing solo acoustic numbers on many songs. In the first set titled: Love Songs, featured Kinkel along with bassist/author Dean Milano and back round vocals by: Traci Abel (formerly of Dirty Dan Buck & The Boyzz), Patti Prendergast (formerly of Bitch & Tough Love) and Salina Norman on violin. The second set titled: Blues Tunes, featured Eric along with special guests; John Abel (formerly of of Dirty Dan Buck & The Boyzz) on blues guitar, Patti Prendergast (formerly of of Bitch & Tough Love) on Bass guitar and Traci Abel on back round vocals vocals. The third set: Memorable Melodies, featured Bob Abrams (Formerly of The Buckingham's) performing some classic tunes with Eric and Dean on bass and vocals.

The finale included the entire cast of musicians in an upbeat and electrifying version of Elton Johns 'Your Sister Can't Twist
 beginning in 2-019 Eric returned to the studio to begin creating more unique music as he's always approached it. He never tries to emulate or create anything that doesn't come from his heart through to his hand.

Since 2019 Eric has recorded the following songs , which are all available on YouTube, Amazon, Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple iTunes: Click below to view/ hear my latest recording on You Tube

'Watching Clouds'

'We Are Even'

'Goldmoor's View'


'Nothing's Wrong Song'

'Paradise On Earth'

'Autumnal Way'

2022, is an uncertain year, as I am in the throws of many life health challenges and
further surrounding life challenges. I do plan on getting back into the studio, when these issues are resolved. So, stay tuned.

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