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Ted Nugent and Eric Kinkel
Ted Nugent,  Eric Kinkel shake on the success of the day.
Ma Nugent monument at Durty Nellies, Palatine, IL. Eric Kinkel
August 1st 2007
Ted Nugent Rallies his loyal followers with a salute to his late mother Ma Nugent!
Ted greets the crowd!

Oh, no Mr. Billn Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 I successfully accomplished creating and finally erecting a 4 ton rock monument  to the late Marion "Ma" Nugent, beloved mother of legendary rock-n-roll MotorCity MadMan Ted Nugent. The memorial tribute stands just outside Durty Nellie's eatery and pub in downtown Palatine Illinois. E.K.

A day to remember

Pride is a wonderful word but it can't come close to describe the over whelming feeling I have after finally erecting the Ma Nugent monument. I am still a glow with tender memories of accomplishing what my heart always knew was the right thing to do!. In retrospect, I have succeeded in building a rock-n-roll memorial  in honor of Chicago's only rock -n- roll mom who ever lived. Forever in stone, this monument will always be a physical manifestation of the love Ted shares everyday with his mom. Historic and unique, the Ma Nugent monument will always stand as a reminder that Ma Nugent was an important part of our community and a source of inspiration to many in her home town and through out the mid west.

Ideas begin... mission possible!

At a Naperville show in mid 2006 I discussed  with Ted putting together a multi page tribute to his mom on my website. A few  months later it was complete. Afterwards I decided it was time to go one step further and honor Ma in a monumental way. Ted and I discussed the  details and I proceeded. On June 11th I held a Ma Nugent remembered concert at Durty Nellie's featuring Dirty Dan Buck & The Boyzz along with Deluxury. I succeeded in bringing to the fore the memory of Chicago's most memorable rock -n- roll mom. Palatine business owner and landscaper Paul Munagian of Class landscaping came backstage to say he would donate the boulder. The event was a success and I  managed to get much media attention through newsprint and radio interviews.  In the coming months Ted's heavy schedule changes and a series of personal tragedies in my own life, lead Ted and I to decided to postpone the monument until I could easily move forward. A year later I contacted Ted and we set a date of August 1st, just prior to his evening performance at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois.  


Ma Nugent Monument Side shows

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Ma Nugent Monument - the day of the unveiling
The day begins

Eric Kinkel, Floyd Dillman and Paul and Brenda Munagian prepare for the unveiling of the Ma Nugent Monument
The plan

Ted Arrives

Eric Kinkel reads hi speech to this crowds and the press during the unveiling of the Ma Nugent Monument
The Dedication

Ted Nugent smiles for the cameras as he speaks about his mother
Ted speaks


The Ma Nugent Monument, produced by Eric Kinkel just outside Durty Nellies in Palatine, IL.
The Monument finis





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